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„I am growing weaker, and the night is coming on. If He can look me in the face again, I may not have time to act. . . If we are wrecked, mayhap this bottle may be found, and those who find it may understand. If not… well, then all men shall know that I have been true to my trust. God and the Blessed Virgin and the Saints help a poor ignorant soul trying to do his duty…“
Excerpt from: Bram Stoker. „Dracula.“

„Sir, I am commanded by my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty to acquaint you, that, in consideration of the important services performed by you in bringing home the only authentic intelligence of the death of the late Sir John Franklin, and of the fate of the crews of the ‘Erebus’ and ‘Terror,’ “

The year is 1733, Christian VI of Denmark has brutally subjugated his people and is laying siege to a small pirate nest in the Duchy of Schleswig that does not submit. A band of privateers chances upon a map pointing towards Claas Störtebeker’s legendary treasure, just moments before the King’s forces do.
The race is on. For Gold! For Freedom!